We know some of our fans love to see all the technical details of exactly what gear we use to recreate that Queen sound so well so here is our full list of equipment for your viewing pleasure! 



Brian May BMG Red Special

Fender Telecaster

Line 6 Helix
Digitech Guitar Pedals

Hercules Guitar Stands
Fender Guitar Cables
D’Addario Guitar Picks
Rotosound Guitar Strings

Swan flight cases

Shure PSM200 IEM Transmixer

Shure SE425 IEM


1977 Fender Jazz bass

Sandberg California Custom

Ashdown MK500 Bass Head

Early 90’s Trace Elliot AH500 Bass Head

SWR 2×10 Bass cab

Mesa Boogie 1×15 Bass cab

Hercules stands

Phil Jones cables

SM58 mic



Roland FA-08 keyboard

Shure SM57  vocoder microphone

Shure Beta 58 vocal microphone

Shure SE IEM

Best Queen Tribute Band


Tama superstar hyper-drive maple sugar white 6 piece shell drum kit

18″x22″ Bass Drum (Aquarian super kick 3)
Tom Toms – 6.5″x10″  /  7″x12″ / 
Floor Toms – 12″x14″ / 14″x16″

(All Tom Tom Skins Remo Emperor and Ambassador )

Ludwig black beauty snare 14 x 6.5
(Remo Emperor X used on snare)

DW 5000 double chain pedal

All stands & hardware by Tama


Sabian AAX X-plosion Hi-hats 1 x 14″
Sabian AAX X-plosion crash 1x 17″ + 1x 18″
Sabian AA bright crash 1x 16″
Sabian AAX heavy bell ride 1x 22″
Sabian AAX o-zone splash 1x 10″
Sabian AAX Brilliant splash 1x 12″
Sabian AAX Brilliant Chinese 1 x 18″

Meinl percussion block

Meinl CH-TT38 Sonic energy Chau Tam Tam 38″ Gong

Audix mic setup  – i5 /  3x D2 / 2X D4 / D6 / 2x ADX51

Shure 535 IEM + PSM200 transmitter

AKG D5 stage vocal mic


Shure KSM 900 microphone
RCF audio

PA & Lights

Queen Alive carry a 4.5KW Yamaha PA system suitable for up to 600 people. This can be modified for smaller venues also.

RCF 8003 x2

Yamagata DXR 18 x2

RCF 712 x2

RCF 732 x1

RCF HD32 x1

Behringer X32 x1

Uking 180 par cans x8

IEC leads x30

Sennheiser EW300 x1

Line 6 Helix x1