Supersonic Queen 

Vs Less well established Queen Tributes 

The highest number of 5 Star Google Reviews of any Queen Tribute Band – 160 at time of writing!

Hardly any of our competitors dare to have a public reviews page on Google or Facebook – one very high profile one recently took theirs down as it’s reviews had reduced to 3 stars on average!

Overall THE most authentic Queen experience from years of research / watching & re-watching all available archive footage and honing the show to perfection 

Less realistic portrayal of Queen, much lower standards overall, less effort made to look & sound like the real thing. 

We have many claims to fame from supporting name acts like the legendary Human League and Toploader to name a few plus have performed all over the UK, Europe & the Middle East

Booking an act with no major achievements means less kudos to impress your ticket buyers or guests and you will be less likely to sell out your event.

Our amazing Freddie Mercury – Phil Copping is one of the closest sounding singers and best look a likes in the business from years of emulating every intonation in Freddie’s voice and mannerisms

Poorer quality Queen tributes often have Freddies that either don’t sound or look like the real thing at all. Several have videos showing one Freddie and another will turn up on the night! Worth questioning this on booking. Songs often lowered in key also

Over 3500 Facebook followers means if you are selling tickets we already have a ready-made audience of fans to start your sales off

Less established acts will have much lower number of facebook followers and make it harder to sell out your show

A well thought through & highly polished show with plenty of stage and audience interaction delivered with charisma

A band merely performing the songs as opposed to a show. Low levels of audience interaction and not as slick. 

Chemistry between band members that comes from years of working together & confidence from 10+ years experience as a Queen Tribute Act

Some of the less established acts are known to put teams of deps (stand ins) together that have never even met before! One band in particular has a bad reputation for doing this – happy to discuss this over the phone but can’t name names on here!

Live pro level musicians – performers who have made music their careers. 5 Piece with a fully live performance just how Queen did it

Some poorer quality acts have musicians who mime to backing tracks. Often semi pro – combining a day job with performing on a Saturday night

High Quality replica costumes and multiple costume changes in each show all adds to the spectacle of a live Queen show

Some don’t dress up at all, some use cheap e bay fancy dress outfits. Some only have outfits for Freddie not the rest of band.

Extensive industry contacts with trained understudies so last minute high quality stand in musicians can be found for any emergencies etc 

Less reliability – may cancel shows if one member ill for example as haven’t got the network of contacts.

Professional publicity material and a full EPK ( Electronic Publicity Kit)  to help you promote your events

Less likely to have high res professional imagery leading to your event looking less professional

State of the art sound and lighting operated by a professional Sound Engineer for the best possible sound quality with back up equipment in case of emergencies 

Low quality tinny & distorted sounding self operated PA systems & either no stage lighting or poor lights. Often no provision for emergencies

Public Liability Insurance for £10m and PAT tested equipment

May not have these leaving you or your venue liable for any accidents / fire caused by equipment fault etc