Private Tour

On 7th August 2023, Supersonic Queen were blown away by the 33,000 items on display at Sotheby’s ranging from the discs shown here and many flamboyant stage costumes to handwritten drafts of lyrics to furniture, paintings and a surprisingly large collection of cat ornaments!

freddie mercury and queen gold and platinum records

Sotheby's Chairman

Oliver Barker (Sothebys Chairman for Europe) pictured with Phil Copping – (Freddie in Supersonic Queen) at the Sotheby’s “A World of his Own” Freddie Mercury Exhibition in advance of the sale starting 6th September 2023.

Supersonic Queen were invited by Sotheby’s to come for a private tour of this jaw droppingly fabulous collection following their appearance at Sotheby’s staff party in July 2023

sothebys chairman europe oliver barker with phil copping

Freddie Mercury's Mic

The only remaining microphone and iconic short handled mic holder believed to be left was on display but one of the few items not for sale.

freddie mercury microphone

The Crown & Cloak

One of the many highlights of this amazing exhiibtion was undoubtedly Freddie’s crown and cloak, made from real ermine and in extraordinarily good condition for its age.

freddie mercury crown and cloak sothebys

The Graffiti Door from Garden Lodge

Phil Copping stands next to the famous graffitied door from Freddie’s London residence “Garden Lodge” where fans had left messages of their love for Freddie during his life and after his untimely death.

garden lodge door freddie mercury house

A World of His Own

All in all an emotional experience for all of the band – all of them lifelong Freddie & Queen fans. To quote Phil Copping (Freddie in Supersonic Queen) “I have read so many books, seen so many videos of Freddie and Queen over the years but this exhibition is just something else – this really brings Freddie to life, seeing the costumes close up, seeing his record collection, seeing the little things he surrounded himself with – just incredible”

supersonic queen at sotheby's freddie mercury exhibition